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Based on the characteristics and intrinsic value of the blockchain, we create new customer value by applying the blockchain to various businesses and tasks through the construction of related infrastructure.



About STO

Recently, asset tokenization, also known as STO (Security Token Offering), is emerging as an issue in the financial market as it is incorporated into the sandbox system as a new financial innovation model.
STO issues a blockchain-based digital asset called ‘token’ for an investment product with the characteristics of securities, and tokens (ST) is a simpler way to issue securities in the form of proving the rights of securities. way.
STO enables real assets such as real estate, artworks, and copyrights in various industries to be digitalized in the form of tokens, and to digitize and distribute values ​​that cannot be physically fragmented. This means that companies promoting businesses in various industries can directly become issuers of token securities and raise business funds.



Distributed Ledger Blockchain

 -  Blockchain-based distributed ledger technology refers to a decentralized transaction database technology that is shared and synchronized in many places without centralized control. Integrity and security are guaranteed.

 -  The same database is distributed and stored across multiple computers, and when new data is created, it is grouped into blocks and linked to the previous block, and the connected blocks are distributed and propagated to all participants, and each participant shares the same information in the blockchain network. do.


 -  STO (Security Token) issue quantity, price, token security transaction details, token security rights, subscription details, investment product or investment product description, etc. Token Offering), it is a distributed ledger developed based on blockchain technology that can record all parts that require study without forgery and falsification. It is a digital ledger to disclose the distributed ledger instead of an initial public offering (IPO) to prove the transparency of investments raised through token securities sales or investment in-kind management.

 -  ETRA's STOLEDGER provides a total solution of the most optimized distributed ledger for STO.


STO Optimization

 -  The role of the blockchain-based distributed ledger, which records the details of issued token securities and the details of transactions between investors who acquired token securities without processing, and prevents forgery and falsification of the recorded transactions, supports trust in transaction stability.

 -  In addition, in order for the distributed ledger to be used in the STO market, it is premised that there must be no cryptocurrency in the token securities trading ecosystem..

 -  Stoledger is a distributed ledger solution optimized for the STO market. It is a blockchain distributed ledger only for security technology of token securities transactions and functions as a public ledger without cryptocurrency in the distributed ledger.

Business Customize

 -  The STO market converges with new and diverse areas of business that have not been approached before.

 -  ETRA's Stoledger Total Solution is a customer-optimized porting of a blockchain-based distributed ledger solution to the customer's STO business.

 -  EOA Token Storage customized for the customer's business, Customize Vision Scanner solution that can recognize the data on the blockchain appropriately for the business, and interlocking service between the distributed ledger and the customer's business app are building a stable ecosystem so that they can feel like a single service.

Key Features


Product Information

Register the goods and objects to be STO in the ledger and record the securitized contents.


Offering Management

Record the contents of subscription and consignment, record the list of subscribers and the account address of subscribers (Externally Owned Account), and manage security to prevent forgery.


Trading History

Records the details of securities trading between subscribers or platform users.


Voting Rights

All the voting process and results for the exercise of rights of ST Securities are recorded and managed to prevent forgery and falsification.


Earnings Dividends

The details of profit distribution are recorded and managed, and it is possible to check whether the rights of securities are being executed smoothly.

Applications Products

We provide an optimal application solution that works with ST Ledger to operate STO.


Stoledger is ETRA's STO-only distributed ledger service product. It is an enterprise service solution for STO-only distributed ledgers that provides all necessary solutions when linking actual STO business with distributed ledgers.

Customize Vision Scanner

It is a business-optimized scanner that shows token securities transaction and securities listing information in an easy-to-understand manner. It can be optimized according to the customer's business, and it is easy to find the main contents listed on the blockchain.

Token Storage (E.O.A.)

It is a storage that stores and keeps the token securities acquired by the subscriber. Linked to the distributed ledger, it is used to store token securities held by investment subscribers or to trade token securities.

Monitoring System

It is to monitor the status of the server that drives the blockchain distributed ledger. Also, through it, it is possible to check whether block creation is proceeding smoothly, and when a problem occurs in the system, a notification is sent so that the administrator can be notified of the problem.

Business Applications

We develop a platform for the client's STO business to be optimized for interlocking with distributed ledgers.

Ledger API Service(Gate)

It is a service that conveniently and quickly reads and transmits information on the blockchain between the business and the distributed ledger. Ledger API Service is an essential convenience solution that allows you to conveniently apply blockchain to your business even without blockchain-related expertise.

Blockchain Scope

It is a scanner that can check the transaction data recorded on the blockchain as it is.

Applications Structure



Businesses combine with blockchain to create new value

About ES-Mainnet

So far, blockchain technology has been mainly used in the AOB (Asset Oriented Blockchain) field, but recently, with the expansion of NFTs and activation of smart contracts, blockchain technology is developing into the BOB (Business Oriented Blockchain) field that combines with business.
In the future, it is gradually expanding into the WOB field that is combined with work and the LOB field that is related to life.
In order to build the BOB platform, technically, mainnet-related technologies related to node construction and operation, business infrastructure technologies such as various scanners, gates, wallets, smart contracts, NFT markets, P2P exchanges, and De-Fi, as well as e- The need for convergence development that combines financial technology and various business-related technologies is emerging.
ES-Mainnet (Enterprise Service - Mainnet) means a mainnet that provides company-wide services that combine business and blockchain. Mainnet business core system optimized for business purposes through various business analysis from the blockchain perspective (MBCS: Mainnet Business Core System).

Introduction Effect

Stability of Business

It is possible to apply optimized policies by securing the right to decide on important mainnet policies such as total issuance quantity and fees.
In the case of an external mainnet, it is possible to prevent business uncertainties that may arise from unilateral policy changes.
You can be free from various risks from unpredictable external foundations.

Economic Effect

When the ecosystem is activated, you can see the effect of increasing the value of the key coin due to the increase in transactions.
You can reduce transaction fees by making your own policy decisions.
You can earn transaction fee profits from validating node operation.
By converting the company's non-bank collateral assets and non-accounting assets into quantitative assets that can be traded with NFT, various asset values ​​can be increased and new values ​​can be created.

Promotion of Business

Based on the mainnet, it is possible to secure initiative in the business by utilizing the token business for each partner or service.
You can increase external reliability by developing your own mainnet and maintaining company-wide Ecosystems.
By jointly operating a verification node with partners, it is possible to promote trust-based, transparent and objective collaboration.

Business Expansion

When creating a blockchain ecosystem, new businesses can be promoted based on existing users.
Additional businesses can be developed by grafting the characteristics of blockchain into the main processes of existing business processes.
Business innovation is possible with smart contracts that can batch process multiple tasks such as authentication, payment, and settlement.
You can expand your marketing environment by building a new business ecosystem that applies the crypto economy.



ES-Mainnet operates a constant monitoring, notification, and recovery system for stable Node operation.
When a problem occurs, the alarm system notifies individuals and systems of the situation.
It recovers quickly by dividing emergency situations into three stages: Fatal, Danger, and Error.
After resolution, preventative measures are applied to the system to pursue a more stable system.
We provide reports on various resources and operational status on a regular basis.


MBCS is an abbreviation of ‘Mainnet Business Core System’, which means the core system of mainnet-based business.

Multi-faceted business analysis

In order for a business to evolve into a “new business” with new value added by combining it with blockchain, the purpose of the business must be analyzed from various perspectives, and a blockchain converged with blockchain, Biz-Infra, e-finance, business technology, etc. It is necessary to derive the core model of the base, and to develop a customized mainnet, smart contract, internal system development, and linkage with external services.


ESRP (Enterprise Service & Resource Planning) means company-wide service and resource management. Based on the Zetra-Framework developed by Itra Co., Ltd., ES-Mainnet's overall services and resources are managed, as well as expansion and resource planning according to business purposes. It is an integrated management system that can be optimized.


Everything you can imagine

Based on rich development experience and know-how in various fields for over 20 years, we build a wallet that can contain everything you need for business, such as coins, NFTs, work, assets, allowances, and services.


We provide one-stop service related to NFT!

For a successful NFT business, we provide overall services related to NFT, from initial consulting to smart contract development, API linkage required for service, NFT-only wallet and, if necessary, NFT marketplace establishment.


NFT consulting

By analyzing the customer's business through blockchain, we provide comprehensive consulting from suitable NFT modeling to how to use it in business..


Smart Contract

Based on consulting, we develop a smart contract optimized for the customer's business so that it can be linked with all the elements necessary for the service.


Service integration and API

We provide all service interlocking operations and APIs necessary for business, including customer's existing operational services and newly planned services.


NFT Wallet

In NFT-based services, business starts with the management of NFTs owned by users.
Implement all necessary functions such as authentication, ownership verification, and asset trading through a dedicated NFT wallet.


NFT Market

We build a dedicated NFT market with everything from various NFT minting, transactions between members with verified identities, and carefully selected works through thorough verification.


System optimized for customer's business needs!

To create customer value, we build various business systems optimized for customer needs based on blockchain.

NFT Market

 -  Decentralized login and member login support

 -  Supports various payment types based on personal wallet

 -  Register products that have passed pre-inspection

P2P Exchange

 -  Community-based trading support

 -  Escrow service for safe payment

 -  Safe transaction with identity verification through KYC

 -  User evaluation system based on transaction history


 -  Transparent transaction through smart contract

 -  Implementation of scalable functions based on wallet

 -  Integration for various businesses

Benefit management system

 -  Application of optimized algorithms according to various marketing methods such as binary and B-tree

 -  Stable operation based on experience in building large amounts of data

 -  Synergy effect combined with other services such as NFT market by linking wallet

Block-Chain Point System

 -  Blockchain-based various point systems

 -  Possible to link with Firm Banking and Financial PG

 -  Apply various CRM techniques based on address

Lending & Loan System

 -  Asset expansion support, including non-bankable assets

 -  Transparent settlement through smart contract

 -  Providing convenient and safe services for both consumers and suppliers

Funding System

 -  Various payment methods and payment rates can be set for each product

 -  Provision of yield analysis and status chart

 -  Simple funding support through electronic signature

Various business and business systems

 -  Overcoming existing business limitations and improving efficiency through blockchain

 -  New business model through collaboration between heterogeneous businesses

 -  Domestic business leaps into the global market


ALL-in-ONE blockchain specialist ETRA Co., Ltd.

In order to build an ecosystem and business based on blockchain, professional consulting and various technological elements must be converged for the target business. You can receive ALL-in-ONE services related to blockchain from Itra Co., Ltd.

ETRA Co., Ltd. has convergence technology and development experience that has been building business systems, e-finance systems, mainnets, and infrastructure systems for about 20 years. Based on the Zetra-Framework, we provide support for project success and stable management services through the development of MBCS optimized for blockchain business.

We have experience in developing a number of mainnet projects and various infrastructure systems.
We have convergence system construction technology that applies mainnet, infrastructure system, e-financial system, and business system.
In addition to the technical aspect, We have experience in the blockchain ecosystem through direct ICO projects.
Based on the self-developed Zetra-Framework, the system can be expanded and optimized.
We specialize in consulting for MBCS implementation and development of smart contract linkage, which is a key element.
We are aiming for continuous system development through constant feedback development management.
We provide stable services based on a systematic risk management system.

Method for issuing virtual currency based on card receivables and device for issuing virtual currency based on card receivables

A system that provides real-time loan execution and additional services in conjunction with cryptocurrency when loans are executed with card sales as collateral in the instant payment service to help small business owners turn their money.

Application Date: October 19, 2017

Online Proof Blockchain Generation System and Method (SOW algorithm = POS + POO + POW)

Patented online proof consensus algorithm (POO: Proof Of Online) that fundamentally blocks a kind of block hold attack(BWA: Block Withholding Attack) that disables existing transactions by propagating long blocks accumulated using hash power offline after generating transactions online , developed a SOW algorithm that simultaneously applied proof-of-work (POW) and proof-of-stake (POS).

Application Date: September 21, 2018


ALL-in-ONE blockchain specialist ETRA Co., Ltd.!

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